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Second and Third Grade

Second and third grades do many things together, while maintaining their own specific identities and curriculum. 


In second grade, we focus on solidifying the skills we learned in 1st grade. We work to make the transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. We take our writing skills a step further as we work toward excellent sentences that form strong paragraphs. 


Third graders are making a big jump into greater responsibilities. They’ll work to master multiplication facts and develop their paragraphs into full blown essays.  


Both classes will develop a greater understanding of math, science, and social studies through meaningful text, hands-on activities, and project-based learning. 

Above all, Jesus is a part of everything we do. We follow a curriculum of Old and New Testament lessons, learn how to use our Bibles, and sing!

rebecca Wright

My name is Rebecca Wright.  I grew up in Oklahoma and attended Lubbock Christian University to obtain my degree in early childhood education. After teaching in Lubbock, I moved to Amarillo in 2010 to continue my teaching career.  I enjoy building relationships with my students and their families to help ensure the success of each child. Cultivating a caring, nurturing, Christ-centered classroom environment where students will thrive is an essential part of my philosophy. I am truly thankful to be joining Trinity Lutheran Christian Schools!

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