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In kindergarten, our class learns together, plays together, grows together, and prays together. We explore God in all of His glory: the world He made, our need for a Savior, our need for boundaries set by God Himself, and the promise of eternal life with Him in Heaven. We begin a lifelong love of learning as we explore God’s world through literacy and numbers, science experiments and trips back in time. We learn the importance of social skills that will benefit us in life as well as the classroom.  We focus most importantly on our faith walk with God through Bible stories that are woven throughout the whole curriculum.  With these skills in place, we learn to glorify God in all of our words and actions!

Beth Prestwood

 My name is Beth Prestwood and as a teacher, my primary responsibility is to educate young minds to explore the world around them with all of their senses. However, my primary calling as a Lutheran school teacher is to help encourage the children in their faith walk with their Lord and guide them through their educational journey.  I have been a teacher for almost 20 years both in the public sector and the Lutheran sector. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t dream of becoming a teacher!  My husband and I met in high school through a teacher organization, and the rest is history.  I have 2 grown children, one of whom is in the Army reserves and living in Washington DC, and one of whom is happily married with 2 cats and living the dream of being a computer genius in a local law firm.  In my spare time, I love to read, binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, spend time with family and friends, and write devotionals.  I continue to strive to improve my teaching so that I may impact many young lives for years to come.