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First Grade

Our First Grade Classroom is our family space where we learn about God and His wonderful creation. Our relationship with Christ in threaded through every part of our day. Our First Grade Classroom is a safe place where we prepare to serve God and people throughout our lives, where we become more independent, and where we build on our foundation of faith and education. Reading and writing are skills of emphasis. Math manipulatives, IPads, virtual labs, and hands on experiments are used to enhance skills and concepts. Most importantly, as children of God we learn about His creation, we sing songs of praise, we pray together, we love and forgive each other.

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Nancy Hurst

Hello! My name is Nancy Hurst. I am a Lutheran teacher who is devoted to her faith, her family, and her students. I have taught first grade for 35 years at Trinity and look forward to sharing the love of God with His children for many years to come. I want all children to be successful learners and I work to create a classroom environment that is inviting, encouraging, and accepting of the varied needs of all students. I value the partnership with parents in their child’s education. To God Be the Glory!

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