Social Ministry

The Social Ministry Board shall consist of two elected members, one to be elected each year for a term of two years. The newly elected members shall meet with the board in June and July to establish a budget and to organize for the fiscal year. They shall elect a chairman to represent them on the Church Council, and a secretary to keep minutes and records. They shall select and request appointment of appointed members as needed to fulfill their duties.

The duties of the Social Ministry Board shall be:

  1. Making plans complementary to the congregational plan established by the Church Council, establishing goals toward achieving the plan, and preparing detailed budget requirements;
  2. Seeking out and determining those members within the congregation that are in need;
  3. Organizing and coordinating hospital visitations and when required, member ministry needs;
  4. Organizing and coordinating, through church financing if necessary, meals for ill members and families of deceased;
  5. Developing and administering support for the needy;
  6. Developing ministries to meet the social and physical needs of the members of the congregation as required; such as transportation to church, transportation for doctor visits and Christian encouragement.